new day

It's snowing again.
I guess it has been a long time since the last time I have logged in. Shame, Shame :-)
I have to say it has been a blessed year 2009.
If you are wondering what we did for last few weeks since Christmas -- actually nothing at all.
I guess laziness comes with holidays, right?

I got BEAUTIFUL roses from my sweet husband for our anniversary. And I got to watch a lot of movies and read a few books too.
- Love the movie and cried a few times. It was a beautiful story and his piano solo was so sweet. My sis gave it to me for Christmas. She said it made her want to go to London . It was such a beautiful view of the city. I think it showed a simple view. It was good enough for my heart to yearn for it. Maybe someday I can write a blog from London.

- Get Out of town!
What an awesome movie it was. I Loved it, Loved it, Loved it.
I love to see when people make their dream a reality.
It made me want to go to grocery store, buy some beef and make Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon.
I just want to taste it once. It feels like if I do , then everything will be just FINE.
Like a good luck charm ..... this time with Beef.

- Passion is a very powerful word.
I love when people can do things they Love to do everyday.
But in this case it's a blessing and a curse.
The best part was when Nathaniel got his cello from Steve and played it under the city street.
What a powerful movie.

- I watched the first episode with Christina on Christmas eve. We had so much fun. I think we giggled like school girls when Bessie the cow was wearing a jersey. LOL
Tell you the truth. I think I spend too much time in front of the TV lately although I think I could watch Crandford everyday. Hope our DVR doesn't break.

I have to tell you about my book reading story but we just have to wait for next time.
I can feel my fingers cramping at the moment :-)

Ta Ta


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