It snowed again early this week.
I think we have over two feet of snow so far this month which is a bit unusal here.
I don't remember anything like this as long as I lived here in Ohio. We had some snow in January but not late February like this year.
I can't see Rex's legs anymore whenever he goes outside. He gets buried by mound of snow.
At least he is having fun every time when he's outside.

It has been a slow around here.
I guess the snow is the reason why we have all slow down a bit for a change.
We don't have to go out and run an errand or try to come back home before kid's get off from school ....... Relaxing is a bit uneasy thing for me to do sometimes. I rather doing something, anything at all other than just be still. But I think I kinda enjoying this slowness.
Stillness. I like it !

I managed to just sit down and do some cross stitches. I haven't done cross stitches for a long time. It was fun project to get back to after a long break.
I'm Not even close to be a good cross stitcher(?) like those who do it so perfectly that the front and the back looks perfectly flawless. No hanging threads, no knots, uniformed stitches on the back side. I don't think I can't never accomplish like they do but I enjoy doing my cross stitches as long I don't have to flip back and look at the ugly side. yuck !

Hey! I told you ! Don't flip it ! Just look at the front side! My pretty side please :-)


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