snack is a good thing

Edamame : open up the pod + pop out the beans + eat = yummy snack
I love them for a quick snack.
I think my husband loves it more than I do.
I saw them first time on movie Kate and Leopold.
Tell you the truth, I have this thing about movies and food.
I love to eat food from the movie that I've watched.

for example
Kate and Leopold : Pirate's booty + edamame
You've got Mail : Gray's papaya hot dogs
Fried Green Tomatos : fried green tomatoes of course
Something's Gotta Give : home made pancakes form scratch
Julie and Julia : Beef Bourguignon + Bruschetta
Big : tiny ears of corn
Juno : orange Tic Tac
Music and Lyrics : croissant and ice coffee
Nanny McPhee : potato skin soup thing - I don't think I want to try this recipe :-)
V for Vendetta : Egg in the middle bread thing - LOVE it !
50 First Dates : waffles - build a waffle house :-)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding : Bundt cake
Driving Miss Daisy : can of salmon
ET: Reese Pieces
When Harry Met Sally : apple pie .........

Get the idea?
So next time try out the food you saw in the movie.
I bet you will enjoy the movies more than before.
Can you think of others?


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