just thinking

I've been thinking. I think it's about time for me to do some cleaning. Spring Cleaning that is !
While I am doing the cleaning around the home, I'm thinking I should do a Spring Cleaning Event at Christina's Etsy shop. What do you think? I think it is a fine idea.
It might take a few weeks to get everything ready but I think it will a good time to clean out the closet. I should make some brand NEW things for Christina's shop like promised.
I'm thinking about the Carry on Bags with leather handles, Zakkaish change purses, notebook covers, bigger zipper cases for travel season as time allows.......... And.. maybe some items at the shop should be on sale too I think.

So many new ideas but so little time.
I'm sure I'll have some fabric scraps too for those who love to use them for their craft.
I think it will be a fun project for me and good excuse to do some cleaning.
Oh Well, I better get start.


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