MS by mail

I wonder if anyone remembers this.
Martha Stewart By Mail ?

The other day I was making a chocolate cake for my boy. It made me think about the frosting spreader I was using for his cake. I knew I bought it a long time ago thru MS mail catalog. So check out the the MS cake deco tin and I actually saved the receipt.

Can you believe it ? I purchased on October of 1995. It's been almost 15 years ago.
WOW. It made me feel OLD. LOL
I guess it's not too bad of a conditon after years of use and abuse.
I still use them as often as I can. It's a great kit for a basic cake deco project.
I still remember looking through the catalog, no STUDYING the catalog for almost everday.
They had everthing I've ever wanted.
Cookie cutters to lawn furnitures.
I guess it has been a long way since filling out the mail order forms.

I wonder How we ever survied without the INTERNET.
Thank you all the Smart People.
You are the Best. You ROCK !!!


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