Tangerine and Gray

Hot water, rinse, rinse, rinse…. Again with cold water rinse, rinse, rinse…..
Yes Christina and I have been dyeing the linen this afternoon. We had a great time until we found out Christina’s rubber glove had a hole so her hand turned out orange :-(
Other than that it was a fun afternoon. I bought some white linen a few weeks ago when the store had a sale.
I always love the pure linen. I just love to iron them. It smells so good. Have you tried? You should. Sometimes I just want to iron all the linens in the house so I could smell them. It’s like an aroma therapy. I think it is better than perfume.

I’ve been thinking about making hand bags with this freshly dyed linen. I think it will be a fun project. I just can’t wait to start. I promise I will share my pictures with you soon.


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