new beginning

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
We had a great time . It was a sweet Christmas for us.
It's always great to spend time with your family and friends that you love. Even though you don't get to see all of your dearest friends but still make you feel close to your heart.
I got to make embroidery loop memo boards for my friends.
Hope everyone loves it.
made a box full of Alicia's thumbprints cookies for Santa.

made a coat for Rex. I used Lori's pattern .
It was so easy to make. I was going to put a heart on the back but somehow the skull fits better for our playful dog Rex. I think he really like it. He doesn't mind at all. He loves to wear it.
I guess he wants to stay warm like us. LOL

The new year is just around the corner.
I don't remember what I did for last 12 months. It went by so quickly.
It has been a lot of happiness, regrets, sadness, ups and downs.
I know it will make a great corner stone for me to start a new year.
I'm sure it will be a great new year. Hope you have a great year too.


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