thank you

I guess I was too busy enjoying the holidays and I forgot to share the beautiful Christmas gifts that we got from our friends.

Thank you Paivi for a beautiful pin. Christina LOVES it.

And thanks for a bone for REX. It's so cute.
Christina said she is going to wear it for Rex for now so he won't chew it up -- clever Excuses

Do you remember when Christina got these elephant charms from the antique show last summer? Carole was kind enough to make a necklace for Christina.

Aren't they cute? This is a keeper.

and she sent me this one for my Birthday.
Thank you miss LuLu.

and for last from my sister. need I say more?
It's a great feeling that there is someone who cares for you and thinking about you.
Love is in the air.
It sound cheesy but I don't care. It sums up for me :-)

I reopened our shop today.
I should have made some new things for the shop but I was too busy doing nothing.
But don't worry. The new fabrics are here and ready to go. I just need a little more time. Everything will be just great.


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