great smoky mountains

I'm sure some of you were wondering why I haven't updated our blog for a while. Sorry everyone. We've been away. To the Great Smoky Mountains to be exact. We heard about Gatlinburg and how great place for vacation it is from a lot of people. So decided to give it a try for this summer. They were definitely right. I'm glad we went. We had such a great time at the Great Smoky Mountains.

We walked many trails and drove around the mountains everyday.

At first we didn't know which trail would be a good starter for us so we asked park ranger. She suggested one for us. BIG mistake! I actually used the word STROLL when I asked her about the trail but I guess the word stroll has a different meaning in Tennessee than Ohio. I thought we were going to pass out in the middle of the mountain. It wasn't a flat trail at all. We were literally climbing the mountains. Now I think of it, It was kind a funny. Everybody was drinking water like they are going to die of thirst and we were keep looking around for Black bears they had warned about. Although it was a lot of exercise for us but I'm so glad we walked the whole trail. It felt great.

The next day we made it to the highest point ( 6,643 feet ) in Smoky Mountains. Clingmans Dome . Tell you the truth it was very scary for me even my hubby was driving up the mountain roads. We were so high up in the mountains at some point I couldn't even see the trees . All I could see was the cloud. As you know about me and the height . Yep. we are not such good friends.

Anyway, if you ever make to the Smokys. You have to go up there. You MUST ! The temperature was about 10 degrees cooler up there and the temperature never gets higher than 80 degrees. They said when the weather is good you can see 5 different states. It's not so easy to go up to the Clingmans Dome from the parking lot. It was a only a half mile walking on the pavement but the walkway was very steep about 300 feet elevation. I believe we stopped at the every bench we saw. Even after all the huffing and puffing. It was worth it.

Our last stop was the Laurel Falls. It's about 2.5 miles around trip but don’t worry it’s paved trail all the way. It’s still a bit of hiking required but it was a easy trail compare to a lot of others. Trust me. It was exciting to hear the water sound right before you go around the corner to see the falls! The Laural Falls is 80-foot high. It’s not a big fall but it does it’s trick.
Over all we had a great time in The Great Smoky Mountains.
Hot? Yes !
Tired? Sure!.
Muscle Pain? Of course.
Fun ? Definitely !
One thing I miss was we didn’t get to see the wild black bear. I know you don’t want to be in that situation EVER. But it would add a great memory for our trip. Maybe Next time. Right?


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